Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So...it's been how long??

I'd like to start with an apology...I'm so sorry it has been so long since my last post! I can't believe it...July??? This is January, a whole entire new year! How sad! I've blogged many, many things in my head since July, the thoughts just never made it to my fingertips and out for the world to read! I'm so very sorry. I can't explain how much it encourages me that you are all reading this and supporting us on our adoption journey. These past (let me count)5 months have been difficult. The truth is that things haven't moved much with our adoption since the homestudy was finished this summer. You see, once that was done, next on the list was to complete our dossier (dossier:a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject - in this case: The Millers) We started working on it, praying that by the time we finished we would have the $8,000 needed to submit it. Well, I accomplished as much as I could in our dossier and the money wasn't there...so I started worrying, and doubting, and worrying...you get the picture! We had some money in our account, but not near enough to move to the next step. So, with a lot of God given ideas, energy and inspiration, I started making jewelry to help us raise money. I called it "Aamina Jewelry" and every penny that I've made so far has gone toward bringing her home...more blogging to be done on that subject later. Anyway, this took up all of my time and I rarely slept...but in many ways it was quite helpful. The $8,000 made our baby feel very far, far away, but with every piece I worked on and sold, I felt like I was inching closer to bringing her home. It was hard for me to become inspired enough to blog...when I post things here I want the words to be positive...but I was outta "positive". That mountain was a big one and I was very depressed. To be honest, I haven't even looked at this blog since early August...it just made me sad to think about it. I regret not pouring out those feelings now, because it is part of the journey. I wrote in journals and letters to Aamina, but I should've shared more...I'm sorry for not doing that.

So, since I'm finally blogging you must be wondering what "positive" things I have to say...well, here goes: THE $ FOR THE DOSSIER IS IN PLACE AND WE'RE ONLY 2 DOCUMENTS AWAY FROM HAVING IT READY TO PUT IN THE MAIL!!!! Our prayer is to have all documents in hand, state certified within a week. Then they are off to America World for final inspection then on their way to Ethiopia!! After that the wait will only be 9-11 months (more blogging on that subject later also)...so we're praying for our Aamina to be home with us this year! This year...2010!! Please pray that all of this will happen smoothly. That all the paperwork will check out...there are SO many papers! Here are a few pics of me in distress...and a picture of my "adoption bag" as I now call it and the "adoption binder"...if you see me with any of these things in tow...I'm a busy momma on a mission!

As I close, I'd like to send many, many thanks for all of the prayers you've said on behalf of our family and little Aamina! We know that God had a purpose for the 5 month stall and we know that He has our baby girl in His hands. As we work to get much accomplished in the next couple of weeks, please join us in praying for the dossier submission process...

Did I mention that there was A LOT of paperwork?

God bless you all and I pray that 2010 will bring you many wonderful blessings!

In Christ Alone,

Rachel Miller