Monday, July 27, 2009

Her Name

Many of you have heard me use it a thousand times or you've read it and asked me how to pronounce it...but there is so much about her name that I want to share with you. In our bible study last week we were discussing names, their meanings and how they were given. I've always been fascinated at how people choose the names of their children...there are some names that make me wonder if parents give much thought to it at all, then there are others whose names are deep and rich in family tradition, some names testify to their parents faith and others are trendy or old-fashioned. Each time I was pregnant a name was one of the first things we decided on...I can remember Scott and I choosing Canaan's before I ever even comfirmed the pregnancy. Well, now were expecting another child and her name has been chosen. Upon her adoption her name will be "Aamina _______ Miller"...pronounced (ah MEEN ah). Her name is arabic for 'safe or safety'....also in swahili it means 'let it be as the Lord has said' or 'let it be so', how we say amen. We've known her name much longer than we've known this adoption was going to happen. When we first considered adopting from Ethiopia, long before we filled out even the first application, we did a simple search for Ethiopian names and found it...and when I spoke it and it's meaning I'm certain my heart skipped a beat. Aamina...'safe'. I'll never forget that moment...I was sitting in Scott's office with my sweet sister-in-law Becki...somehow I knew I would be speaking this name for the rest of my life. I believe God planted a little seed with her name and since that night He has revealed many ways it applies to the plans that He has for this precious girl in Ethiopia. We don't know if she may already have a name, if she does we may choose to use it or part of it as her middle name, but her first name will be changed. As God changed many names of His children...hers will be changed as well, for she will be "safe" at home with us. When God changed a person's name it was usually to establish a new identity. He changed the name Abram to Abraham, meaning "father of multitude". (Gen. 17:5) He changed his wife's name from Sarai to Sarah "mother of nations". (Gen. 17:15) God changed Jacob's name to Israel "having power with God" (Gen. 32:28). Simon's name was changed to Peter meaning "rock" (John 1:42). Upon adoption Aamina will have a new identity too! She will no longer be alone in this big world without a home or a family...she will become our daughter...she will be a little Miller. She will not only gain an immediate family but a multitude of family and countless friends! And the Lord will continue to work His beautiful plan and purpose for her life...HIS precious Aamina...'let it be so'. Amen.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prayers for Aamina

Since this is my first official blog, I'll start by introducing myself and my family since this blog is entirely about our family and how it is soon growing with the addition of our daughter, Aamina, from Ethiopia. My name is Rachel Miller, I am the proud wife of Scott and mother to Lane, Logan, Camryn & Canaan. We are all very anxious to meet the other little Miller on the other side of the world and this blog will be a simplier way to update you all on the process as well as look back on how God is working. I appreciate you all being with us on this journey...your support, encouragement and prayers will forever be remembered and you will always have a special part in our family and in the life of Aamina. She is blessed to already have you and so are we! I wish so much that I would've started this sooner, but the thought of setting up a blog intimidated me and to be honest, I was to busy chasing papers all over the state of Oklahoma to sit down and work on one. But, over the past two weeks I have felt a change in my heart...a deeper emotional connection with our daughter and I want to share her and our story with you. So here I am a year into the process...starting this blog. As of today, we've recently finalized our homestudy and are beginning to work with immigration while finishing up dossier stuff, getting passports, making family photo pages, saving money, taking online classes and daydreaming about our daughter. God has been so amazing through this whole process, leading us all the way, the fact that we are even this far is a testimony of His providing and faithful Him be the glory. As I mentioned earlier I have recently had a deeper connection to miss Aamina...the best way I know how to describe it as a mother is kinda like during the second trimester of pregnancy. You know...during the first trimester you're sick, pretty tired, not yet showing, can't feel any little kicks from inside your tummy, your baby looks like a little spec or maybe a peanut in ultrasound understand that you are "pregnant" but the fact that a baby will be joining your family and forever changing your life still seems pretty distant. Then during the second trimester you start to feel better, you may start showing, your getting little random nudges from time to time, you have an ultrasound and realize, that "yes, there is a little person in there and she is patiently waiting to meet you!" Reality sets in and your in full "mommy mode"(...I think this is when those "mom haircuts" That may seem weird, but it's the best way I can describe where I feel we are now in this adoption...I've chased at least the majority of the papers down and they are in my hands, we've paid almost half of the fees and although there are many more hurdles ahead, I feel like we're actually getting I've peeked out from under this pile of papers, laid the worry about money and fees aside and locked eyes with a sweet little African doll, OUR little African doll - somehow that "mommy mode" has set in. This is no longer a dream, reality is setting in and I know she is mine, that soon she will be coming home to live with us. I find myself imagining our meeting and tears fall faster than I can wipe them away. I long to hold her more than I can explain...but I trust the Lord is doing that for us. We don't know where she is now since we have requested a baby up to 24 months old and we still have an estimated year to wait she could be already living in an orphanage, abandoned somewhere, safe in her mother's womb or not yet conceived. This part brings me to worry quite often...the other day I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion as I was driving to work. I hadn't been thinking of anything in particular when all of the sudden the Lord brought her to mind and I wondered why. I thought "Is this day anything significant in her life? Could she be born today? Abandoned today? Found today?" The questions went on and on...and for now all I can do about those questions and fears for her is pray. There's no way I will ever know...but I'm praying to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit during this time of waiting. I don't ever want to be so busy to not give attention to a time He brings her to mind. Please join me in praying for her often...pray for her safety, for the ones taking care of her, for her adoption to move quickly and smoothly, for her health, for her biological family, for her country. Thank you again for caring enough to read this blog...I will do my best to update as often as possible.